Do you know how your digital business assets are handled?

Research suggests employees each waste an average of 2.09 hours a day.*

Edward is a service we provide to help your business secure data that is important or sensitive to you.

We created Edward to help our clients secure their important and sensitive business data. This can be anything from financial documentation to valuable IP. Edward works by tracking everything that happens on your work desktops and mobile devices. It takes note of any information transferred out of the computer, and spots any suspicious activity.

Using data from Edward, clients can track every step prior to the transferred data – this gives total transparency and lets clients take steps to halt theft or minimise the fallout. By handling the technical details, Isometric and Edward give clients the freedom to focus on what they do best.

What can Edward do for you?

  • Data Transfer Auditing
  • Activities Monitoring/Filtering
  • Stealth Mode
  • Managed Service
  • External Storage Auditing
  • Cloud Transfer Detection
  • Online Search and Download Tracking
  • Log On/Log Off Tracking

Digital Asset Protection Investment


$ 750 

$375 – Limited Time! 

Per Company


$ 89 

+ GST Per Month

Per Seat

< 15 SEATS

$ 79 

+ GST Per Month

Per Seat

< 25 SEATS

$ 69

+ GST Per Month

Per Seat

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